Personal information

Jonathan Sulo, 1979-11-09
Utterstigen 9, 139 41 Värmdö, Sweden
+46 70 5643040, [email protected]


Web/tech. 25+ years of Internet experience. Well versed in websites, e-commerce, hosting, servers, domain names, etc. One of Sweden’s top WordPress experts. Handles Windows, Mac and Linux.
Marketing. Expert in online sales and marketing. Long experience of performance and success. Will create a lot with few resources, and even more when the opportunity is available. Fluent in both tech and marketing.
Content. Writes correctly, a lot and preferably for the web. Can explain difficult things in a simple way. SEO, SEM, UX, A/B testing, user testing, etc. Is an experienced speaker, media trained, fearless and proactive.

Work experience

Digital Marketing Manager – Rindab

  • E-commerce. Migration of e-commerce sites. Planning, development & sales.
  • Digital marketing. Advertising, optimization, reporting, support.
  • Internal IT resource. Administration, planning, user assistance.

2020-10-01 – Ongoing

Country Manager – Servebolt

  • Launch in Sweden. New type of business. Planning, translation & introduction in Sweden.
  • Sales & support. Outreach selling. Support for new & existing customers, partners, etc.
  • Ambassador. Involvement in the WordPress community. Lectures, blog posts, etc.

2017-12-11 – 2020-09-30

Marketing Manager – FS Data / FSD Internet Tjänster

  • Digital marketing. SEO, SEM, Adwords, Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, campaigns, sell.
  • Profile development. Modernization, customer dialogue, PR, social activities, meetings, lectures.
  • Content management. 400+ articles, technical guides, WordPress & industry expertise, long tail.

2010-12-01 – 2017-04-24

Project Manager – / Moresale International

  • Project management. Development of name, concept, profile, technical services, website, stickers.
  • Marketing. Budget = SEK 0, members = 10,000, Sweden’s second largest Facebook page.
  • Content management. 150+ articles, environmental debate, PR, influencers & current topics.

2009-03-09 – 2010-03-08

Marketing Manager Binero / Aleborg Solutions

  • Profile development. Sweden’s friendliest web hosting, name, concept, profile, services, domain name.
  • Marketing. PR, contract negotiation, SEO, campaigns, social activities, sponsorship.
  • Content management. 200+ articles, industry expertise, influencers, long tail.

2007-04-01 – 2009-01-26

Technical Manager / Business Manager – Loopia Webbhotell

  • Technical infrastructure. Servers, hardware & software, project & operational management, on-call.
  • Customer service & support. Customers & staff, routines, guides, documentation, recruitment.
  • Marketing. PR, copywriting, guerilla, sponsorship, influencers.

2000/2001 – 2007-03-31

Voluntary work

Svenska Saabklubben, 2013 – 2017
I was the webmaster of Svenska Saabklubben (the Swedish Saab Club), the largest club in the world for Saab car enthusiasts. In my time as webmaster I centralized, simplified, automated and lowered the operations costs of the clubs IT services.

Today, Saabklubben has one of the largest WordPress Multisite networks in Sweden with membership management, webshop, forum and much more. I was also on the board of Saabklubben in 2015-2017.

Binero AB, 2007 – 2009
I was on the board of Binero AB as a partner in the company.

Ombudsföreningen, 2005 – 2009
I was on the board of (industry association of .se TLD providers) between 2005 – 2009, being the chairman of the board for the last two years. work closely with IIS (who manage the .se TLD) and, among other things, suggested the new Registry-registrar model that was introduced in 2009.

BRF Johanneshöjden, 2007
I was on the board of BRF Johanneshöjden in Västerås, when it became a tenant.


Social sciences/economy at Värmdö Gymnasium, 1995 – 1998
My education is less relevant for my knowledge, experience and work. I didn’t have the best of grades, due to wrong high school/college orientation. The best things I learned in school was my greater knowledge of the Internet, which I explored myself back then. This became the foundation for my future career on the Internet.


I’ve been media trained and featured in Swedish press multiple times. Here are some examples (in Swedish):

Computer Sweden, 2014-10-16, Räds inte Googles domänplaner
Internetworld, 2010-12-08, Jonathan Sulo går till FS Data
Internetworld, 2007-03-27, Loopia-profil byter till Aleborg
Computer Sweden, 2007-10-18, Ombuden bryter med .SE
Dagens Nyheter, 2006-07-18, Skatteverket polisanmäler falsk webbsida
Ny Teknik, 2006-04-04, Domänombud rasar mot Eurid
NVP, 2009-01-27, IT i 90 timmar
Nyheter24, 2009-01-09, Entreprenörer ska superbrainstorma


Can be supplied on request.